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Love, Peace, Harmony to


Protect Environment
Release Violence
Reduce Poverty and Suffering

Join the Weekly Love, Peace, Harmony Singing Meditation

"I sing the song of Love Peace and Harmony when I hear of natural disasters in my area and around the World. I know the vibration of the song can help. It makes me feel good to be able to take this loving action."

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"Whenever I sing LPH soul song...firstly the heart gets filled with love for ourselves and for others...and feels very healing and wonderful. It creates so much of love while we talk and behave with just oozes out of us....Ty Ty Ty Master Sha🙏💖🙏💖🙏💖🙏"


"Me and my daughter are doing LPH evenings every Saturday since September 2020....and people have started feeling the difference within much love and peace they feel...they are able to sleep peacefully...and they feel much peace within and slowly they are feeling connected to the purpose of sharing this song. Hope we could spread it to more and more people here in INDIA....🙏💖💖💖💖💖🙏"


"I feel more calm and enjoyed to connect with the different languages and therefore throughout the world and these countries specific. Thank you all."


"I love attending this coming-together every week where can connect and share our ideas to promote LPH globally, ty ty ty."

Humanity faces many difficult challenges right now. When we join our hearts together to sing and meditate with the Love Peace harmony song, we create a powerful field of love, peace and harmony. It helps bring more love, peace and harmony to each individual, to our organizations, to our communities, to our state, our country, to our continent and to our world.

If your heart is moved then become a

Love Peace Harmony Advocate

Join weekly sing and meditate on love peace harmony to help release natural disasters and conflict in the world.

To become a Tao Science Love Peace Harmony Advocate, you need to pledge to:

 Sing love peace harmony song 5 – 15 min a day

 Join weekly sing and meditate love peace harmony for world peace and prevent natural disaster (Click HERE for weekly singing and meditation session)

 Share the experience of singing love peace harmony (submit a video about your experience of singing love peace harmony daily)

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